Art in the Stars Hero

Frequently Asked Questions

What is Art in the Stars?
Art in the Stars is a collaboration between Boeing and Space Foundation. It is a celebration of the space pioneers who broke boundaries and traveled beyond Earth’s atmosphere, and a unique opportunity for students to have their digital artwork travel to space and back!

Who can enter?
Student artists, 3–18 years of age. Please note: a teacher, parent, or legal guardian, 18 years or older, must submit the art entry on behalf of the student artist. See Official Rules for more details.

How do I get my students' artwork to space? It's easy!

  1. Have your students create a piece of artwork inspired by the theme "Breaking Boundaries in Space".
  2. Register HERE and submit your students' digital art.

Visit How to Enter for more information.

What can I submit?
Please respect copyright laws and upload only original artwork that is based on the theme:

"Breaking Boundaries in Space"

Does it cost anything to enter?
No. It is free to sign up and submit artwork.

What is the theme?
This year’s theme is "Breaking Boundaries in Space"

Where can I find more information about the Boeing Starliner?
The official site for the Boeing Starliner is:
You can also take a 360 degree tour of the Starliner assembly facility at NASA Kennedy Space Center.

Is there a lesson plan to go along with this art showcase?
Yes. Space Foundation’s master educators have created a lesson plan that can be found HERE.

What is the selection criteria?
Entries will be selected based on the following criteria:

  1. Quality of image submitted
  2. Originality (does not contain copyrighted material)
  3. Compliance with Official Rules
  4. Adherence to the theme

What are the file size requirements?
All artwork must be submitted in digital format as a .jpg or .png file.
Artwork must be at least 2,400 pixels by 2,400 pixels. This is to ensure that we can print out your artwork at full size and resolution.

What is the artwork submission deadline?
All entries are due by December 16, 2022, at 6:01:00 p.m. EST.

All submissions will: 

How will the students be contacted?
Students will be notified via the email address provided when you created your account. This email address is most likely that of the individual that submitted the artwork on behalf of the student artist. It is up to the submitter to notify the student artist. If you provide an incorrect email address, we will not be able to contact you, and thus the student artist will not know they have been selected.

Where can I find more information about educational content?
Space Foundation Discovery Center is an interactive, education-focused destination that advances science, technology, engineering, art, and mathematics (STEAM) in the exciting context of space exploration, development, and utilization. PreK to graduate-level space education programs that prepare young people and educators for the scientific challenges and opportunities of the 21st century are also available. Call (800) 691-4000 or visit to learn how you can bring our award-winning programs to your community.

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